About me

Greetings! I'm Siebe Camerman, a driven and energetic software developer known for my calm approach and attention to detail. With a knack for creative problem-solving and a dedication to meeting client needs, I thrive in collaborative environments. Join me as I continue to evolve and expand my skill set, always striving to deliver excellence in every project.

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Discover the skills I've gained!

Electric diagrams / Basic PCB design / Arduino / ESP32 / Raspberry Pi
Java / dotNet / Flutter / Python / TypeScript
NextJS / Docker / REST API / MySQL
Industrial Automation
Gained experience in Siemens PLC programming through Holiday Job at BeLogic (2018-2023).


Take a glimpse into my educational journey, where each course has played a role in shaping my skills as a software developer. From high school to obtaining my bachelor's degree, these educational experiences have been instrumental in building the foundation of my expertise.

Digital Innovation
Bachelor - Thomas More
In this specialization, we depart from conventional educational methods. Instead, we engage in projects requested by companies, offering us the opportunity to address real-life problems and devise creative solutions.
High School - VITO Hoogstraten